A downloadable game for Windows

Ideally play the Windows version, but you can play the web version at http://heck.dog

Avoid being chomped by Rorie while trying to receive as many pets as possible!

Hold Lick at duders feet to receive pets

Hold Lick at water bowls to get a large increase in pee

Hold Pee over outlets to heat up soda

Reach the end of a level to unlock the next. Pet scores will be saved as long as you reach the exit.

Controller preferred but WASD will work, with shift for sprint, E for pee and F for lick. (W to enter doors).

(Yes that last jump is possible!)

This was my first project in GameMaker that wasn't following along a tutorial or a video, I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun!

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Published81 days ago
StatusIn development

Install instructions

Download and run the .exe or play at http://heck.dog


Properly-Pursuing-Puppies- (26 MB)

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